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Aquatic Cycle

Aqua cycling or aqua spinning is a technique in fitness training. It can be adapted to suit various fitness needs and levels. It is a stationary apparatus similar to a bicycle frame is submerged in a pool, while its rider’s upper body remains above the water.

Cycling on land, the standing up and bouncing might be tough on knees. Aqua Cycling will not have the same effect since the buoyancy of the water helps relieve the stress on our joints. The pressure of the water against the body will actually help with any swelling on joints.

Aqua cycling is a great workout for the elderly, pregnant women and injured athletes who don’t want to aggravate or worsen any injuries.

Aqua cycling is more efficient workout in the same amount of time spend on land, and the added comfort of working out in buoyant water.

On land, if a person do a biceps curl, gravity helps to support the hand to the start position. In water, the same motion requires, the triceps to work to return by side. You can work two opposing muscles at the same time with one exercise instead of two.

 Aqua cycling exercises help to strengthen while protecting from joint pain and reducing injury.

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